1. chuggafugga

    Magento Developer (v2)

    Anyone whose decent in Magento 2 give me a shout for a project. Has to be V2 and above as the extensions we've purchased and require use of are not compatible with 1.9 Project brief available to hand if you PM an email
  2. F

    British Army Website Isn't Working... help please

    So I start filling in my application, get to the end of the first page, hit "Save for later". Now any time I go back to the MoD Army website where you fill out the application form, I tap "Start Your Application", have to sign in again (despite being already signed in, as indicated by the...
  3. Cambs84

    Advice Website

    As many of you are aware there are a huge amount of military charities in the UK, some estimate put it at over 3,000. This can make it very difficult for people to know which one to turn to for their need. I am looking to create a website that lists most of them and their services, so people...