1. Artkis Chest Webbing

    Artkis Chest Webbing

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    Mtp osprey webbing or plce?

    I currently have an mtp osprey set of webbing however i have a mate who offered a dpm plce set. I like both sets however i was wondering which one i should opt for. I'm only CFAV so i think the osprey webbing is a bit too much however i don't want the plce to be a dowgrade so could someone tell...
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    What to pack into webbing?

    My set has 4 utility pouches and four triple mag pouches and what should i pack?
  4. S

    Jay jays or dragon supplies?

    Im after a new set of mtp because my dpm is slowly falling apart (don't blame it it's from the original issue of plce dpm) and I've seen a lot of lads using stuff from jay jays and dragon supplies and have said each are good. Which one should I go for to get tailored mtp webbing?
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    What things do you need to write on webbing, body armour etc.

    I see it all the time on body armour, webbing and Bergen's. Where people have letters, numbers, the lot in Sharpie. Imm just curious but what is it they write on them?
  6. F

    Under armour yoke or condor tactical yoke?

    I've got an osprey battle belt; my plce was past it's days, and I can't decide whether to use the standard under armour yoke or to buy condor tactical yoke. We ain't using armour (obvs it's just cadets!) but I'm just trying to find out whether an under armour yoke needs replacing because I get...
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    Replacement for plce belt?

    I have a belt that has a clip buckle, it's similar to a place belt with the only difference being that it doesn't have those individual grooves that you put those prongs in when attaching pouches. Is this still usable as a belt for DPM plce?
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    How do i attach these to my webbing?

    I gave up trying to use some Gucci shit webbing and bought the old and cold plce, does anyone know how to attach: 1. A Hessian sack 2. The helmet to a pouch when i ain't using it
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    How do i stop pouches shifting?

    I bought a molle hippo belt and added my purchased pouches onto it, I'm currently in the acf as an adult and it's became an issue that they bounce around and create noise, does anyone know how to keep these still and stop the noise happening every time i blink.
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    Best mtp webbing?

    I've heard a lot of things about different types of webbing, I've been told to get a osprey belt and add on to it and I've also heard to get something from Dixie's corner or jay jays Brecon. Can someone give me a bit of help for what i should buy?
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    What should i do to improve my osprey webbing?

    I have one of these, the straps ain't amazing but they'll do (it's only for cadets). I have four double mag pouches a med pouch and two utility pouches. Is there anything I should do to improve it i have a clip belt to secure it. Should i just replace it with jay jays or Dixie's
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    What modifications can I make to assault vest?

    I have been given a desert assault vest by an ex commando, I will change the patterning and colour, I also wish to modify it to suit my self. What mods can I make to it, I might cut the side to make it more of a chest rig shape and then cover off with hemming web, I also plan on getting more...
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    Mtp plce

    Anybody know of all that is included in the Mtp plce what has come over from dpm