1. MoleBath

    Wellington’s Cavalry and Technical Corps, 1800-1815

    Gabriele Esposito has produced a follow on to Wellington’s Infantry (reviewed March 2021). The self-declared aim of the book is to present a detailed overview of the organisation uniforms and equipment of these groups in the Napoleonic wars. The quality of the work is excellent with 7 chapters...
  2. Joshua Slocum

    The Great Waterloo Controversy , the story of the 52nd Foot at Historys Greatest Battle

    The story of the 52nd of foot at Waterloo. - By Gareth Glover The Author is an Ex R.N. Officer who has studied the Napoleonic wars for over 40 years Writing any book about Waterloo is always going to place you above the parapet so to speak, So many books have been written on the subject, and...
  3. Fang_Farrier

    The French at Waterloo. Eyewitness accounts, Napoleon, Imperial Headquarters and 1st Corps

    This is an interesting book complied by a known Napoleonic scholar and ex British Army Officer. Field has numerous previous book on the era and the Napoleonic Wars so is well qualified in this area. It is basically exactly as it says on in the title, a collection of eye witness accounts from...
  4. BratMedic

    Battle for Paris 1815

    Have you ever wondered what happened after the battle of Waterloo? Well, this book has all the answers. French field officers wanted revenge for Waterloo and so the French fought on after the battle, retreating steadily towards Paris whilst fighting and skirmishing against the Prussian army...
  5. Excognito

    Did Wellington adjust fire to avoid hitting French ambulances at Waterloo?

    I was just reading about nursing in WW1 (apparently they did appear in buses back then) and, doing my normal idle curiosity link following, ended up on this page: The Revolutionary Flying Ambulance of Napoleon's Surgeon // ACEP One bit particularly caught my eye: I googled this, but it pulled...