waterloo campaign

  1. W21A

    The French at Waterloo

    Andrew Field is a former British Army officer who has a fascination for the Napoleonic wars and has written various books on the Waterloo campaign from the French perspective. This is his second volume of eyewitness accounts on the Battle of Waterloo from the French perspective, with articles...
  2. Fang_Farrier

    The French at Waterloo. Eyewitness accounts, Napoleon, Imperial Headquarters and 1st Corps

    This is an interesting book complied by a known Napoleonic scholar and ex British Army Officer. Field has numerous previous book on the era and the Napoleonic Wars so is well qualified in this area. It is basically exactly as it says on in the title, a collection of eye witness accounts from...
  3. JINGO

    The Long Shadow Of Waterloo. Myths, Memories, and Debates.

    The author Timothy Fitzpatrick has put together a fantastic collection of chapters in this book each focusing on a different aspect of the battle. It examines the conflict through the eyes of many of different nationalities and divergent motivations. It was an education for myself having read...