1. dogmeat

    Orient Ray 2 Watch

    "You lie like a cheap Chinese watch." We've all heard the culturally inappropriate phrase so let's clear up a couple of points before we continue. Orient watches are not Chinese. Orient is owned by Seiko, but run by Seiko Epson, which is a separate division from the rest of the Seiko watch...
  2. M

    Parachute Regiment Nite Watch number 193/200

    Hi. An amazing opportunity for any Paras out there. I have a Nite MX20-202 watch for sale. It is a limited edition of only 200 made, and this is number 193. H3 illumination-perfect night time visibility 200 meter waterproof screw down crown & case back All black tactical version. Swiss...
  3. Bad CO

    Holton Professional Watch (Green Dial Model '000)

    Extreme performance demands extreme testing. For a dive watch developed for a ‘specialist branch of the military’ that means finding somewhere deep, cold and dark which is why a trip to the world-famous ship wrecks that lie off Malin Head on the NW coast of Ireland seemed like the ideal test...