MISSING FIELD RECORDS - DEPLOYMENT RECORDS - https://www.propublica.org/article/lost-to-history-missing-war-records-complicate-benefit-claims-by-veterans British Government Blair is still hiding what the United States of America now have a Global Gulf War Call out for Veterans, Anyone hear Boris?
  2. M

    The Emperor's Feast, A History of China in Twelve Meals

    Review by Metellus Cimber II The Emperor's Feast has attracted exceptionally good reviews in a range of publications. The reviews are justified: this is a fascinating book, which will appeal both to people who enjoy Chinese cuisine and to historians, serious and amateur. The title is slightly...
  3. untallguy

    Leadership In War

    Correlli Barnett’s Leadership In War has been out for a few years now (it was first published in 2012 and then again as a revised edition in 2014). It examines national leaders, both political and military, across a number of wars and is not shy of criticising or praising its subjects. The...
  4. Cynical

    War of Intervention in Angola

    With a possible British Army deployment to Mali next year this book is a timely reminder that war in Africa is different. The vast distances, disperse populations, weak infrastructure and varied terrain render the concentration of force difficult and logistics challenging. I sat down to read...
  5. old_fat_and_hairy

    SAS; Shadow Raiders

    Italy, 1941 and the first operational mission for 11 S.A.S. A group of ancient Whitley bombers, hastily adapted to carry troops flew from Malta to a point in Italy. A plane had been concocted with the aid of SOE to destroy a viaduct that carried water to towns and villages. It was believed that...
  6. untallguy

    War Games: The psychology of combat

    War Games by Leo Murray was originally published as Brains and Bullets some five years ago. The book examines tactical psychology: why people fight and, logically, why they don’t. The author uses this as the basis to see how we can get our enemies to stop fighting and thus defeat them without...
  7. Cynical

    Why We Fight

    This book is potential dynamite and you should read it. The author holds a degree in Biology was an Army Officer and is a visiting War Studies research fellow at Kings College London. An earlier book, An Intimate War, covered his experience fighting in Afghanistan and the thoughts provoked...
  8. YarS

    Reunion of Korea

    I hope, everybody understands that those guys who help DPRK in her work with ICBMs, also help her with anti-ballistic defence, anti-air defence, anti-tank and anti-infantry defence. They didn't demonstrate all their weapon on the parades, of course. NATO have a lack of chance to win this war...
  9. thegimp

    Arrse Astrology Almanac. World predictions for 2017

    Normally someone posts a thread like this. Can't jarrod one so here it is WHAT THE ACTUAL **** WILL HAPPEN PREDICTIONS FOR 2017 If you want to be really smart, put the month it'll happen in Does are have its own Russell Grant? Is Paul the Octopus a poster? if its already been done, suck...
  10. guzzijon

    Bogdanor on the Falklands

    Tonight (Thurs 24th March 22.00-23.00) on the BBC Parliament channel. Recorded coverage of the lecture by Professor Vernon Bogdanor on the Falklands War and its political impact. The lecture took place on the 8th, here:- The Falklands War, 1982
  11. Confusion

    Can't decide between infantry or trade

    I have ADSC next month and my three choices are 1. The Rifles; 2.Intelligence Corps; 3. Household Caverly. I want to do a combat job (hence Rifles), but if I leave at 40y/o I won't be able to get a high paying job in civvy street compared to the tradesman. So my question is: exactly how easy is...
  12. Firefox1

    Lord Roberts' Valet: new book on Afghanistan just out

    Lord Roberts' Valet is the story of the information operations campaign in Kandahar Province from 2011-2014. The author spent three continuous years in-theatre working with the US Army and puts the whole campaign into context, with never-before-told detail from the White House to the frontline...
  13. guzzijon

    French Help With Exocet. Letter In Telegraph

    There is an interesting letter in today's (Monday 2nd January 2012) Daily Telegraph which I have copied verbatim below (couldn't find it in their online version). Sir - My recollection of French "assistance" over the Falklands conflict differs from Peter Forrest's account (Letters, December...