war pension

  1. S

    Benefits War Pension ESA and going back to work.

    Afternoon Looking for some advice please. I posted a similar thread a few months ago but I am now looking for information. So a little history I was injured in the Army and I receive a 60% with the unemployablity supplement along with ESA support group, I have been unable to work and have...
  2. G

    War Pension Tribunal Via Video

    I currently receive a war pension of 80% after being medically discharged with Complex PTSD, I also suffer with varying physical injuries. I am in the process of attempting to be awarded Constant Attendance Allowance which was refused by veterans uk some time ago. I was informed yesterday that...
  3. D

    Disability War

    Hi All Quick Question, I receive a Disability War Pension, and Lower Standard of Occupation Allowance. I am able to take my Military Pension, having reached the ripe old age of 60, next year. Will this have any effect on my Disability War pension or LSOA. And, how long can i receive this. IE...
  4. S

    War pension motability

    I am looking for advice please?, I was awarded a pension of 50% and war pension motability scheme in 2016 at the time I received a letter to state the WPMS was awarded for my lifetime. However I have recieved an application in the post on 2nd August saying they are looki at my claim again for...
  5. P

    Need help about war pension scheme

    first post Sorry if there is already some post about this but I am struggling and need some advice. I applied for war pensions due to a knee injury in 1992, and received a gratis payment and 9-14% disability. I appealed about this as I have depression etc attached to this, having severe pain...
  6. Fus2505

    war pension award.

    Hi After almost 18 months of waiting and pestering I've been awarded a WP at 30% . That's for Panic Disorder and PTSD. They say they have taken into consideration the how the condition affects my daily life. To be honest after reading some of the threads on here i wasn't expecting anything...