walter mitty

  1. Plum Crazy

    Walting under the influence

    Getting loaded and bullshitting to your hearts content is all fun and games till someone gets recorded claiming that they have made friends in the IRA and can have people killed, just because they're all butthurt over some squabble in a web forum. Ladies and Germs, I present the Drunken...
  2. pandaplodder

    Karle Daine aka Karle Halliday aka Carlos Gotti

    Since Karle was exposed in this forum a few years ago, things seemed to go quiet, we knew that he was still conning people but on a very small scale. Just recently his wife has changed her name back from Melina Gottis back to her maiden name but with the addition of Fros, which may be a...
  3. GrumpyWasTooCheerful

    Walter Mitty fantasist 'secretly pestered soldiers' wives for sex

    Walter Mitty fantasist 'secretly pestered soldiers' wives for sex'
  4. A

    Online Walt

    Met a bloke through a group of friends who runs a group in a game centred around military simulation, having spent my life growing up on bases as a military sprog something about this guy doesn't add up. He's been shifty with details such as rank (used to be a Sgt now states he's a Cpl) he says...