1. chuggafugga

    walting with a desert dpm shirt in nandos

    So... desert dpm shirt with OG ACF slides in Nandos, fashion statement?
  2. N

    Sas Walt?

    Got a guy who works at our security firm recons he was a sniper with 22nd I don’t know nearly enough to pick apart his story So I’m gonna post what he’s put on here and looking advice on how I can actually get the correct information but he pissing everyone off saying he can’t find a job due to...
  3. Plum Crazy

    Walting under the influence

    Getting loaded and bullshitting to your hearts content is all fun and games till someone gets recorded claiming that they have made friends in the IRA and can have people killed, just because they're all butthurt over some squabble in a web forum. Ladies and Germs, I present the Drunken...
  4. GrumpyWasTooCheerful

    Walter Mitty fantasist 'secretly pestered soldiers' wives for sex

    Walter Mitty fantasist 'secretly pestered soldiers' wives for sex'
  5. thegimp

    Love island EOD Walt

    ******* kill me now....I watched Love island and some bird is apparently an EOD operator Love Island star Camilla's SHOCKING job finally explained "Camilla's job is to locate and identify the ordnance and then evaluate the hazard it presents to the local civilian population. Once this is...
  6. ThermoNuclearBastardos

    Gorka - TA Int Corps Walt?

    Sebastian Gorka - one of Trump's "strategic advisors" is claiming service in 22 Coy, then part of Int&Sy Gp (V) - he also claims he was involved in NI in early 1990s - which seems total b*llocks as (a) TA Int Corps were not involved in NI in 1990s, and (b) I was there at the time, and would have...
  7. Flyer

    Absolute TurboThunderC**T Walt

    One easy tip for staying calm in stressful situations, according to a bomb disposal expert
  8. C

    Possible 'Freestyle MMA' ninja ex-RGJ walt

    I'm not a regular visitor to ARRSE (because young'un spastics like me are too young to enlist yet), but I saw some supposed MMA ninja bloke, and checked his website.. supposedly he's a 'reconnaissance soldier' who served in the Royal Green Jackets. IMO he's either dumbing down 'light infantry'...
  9. Doc1701

    North Korea: Can an entire country be a walt?

    The Great Leader of North Korea recently announced, on the back of a claimed test of a fusion bomb hardly more powerful than a large-ish thunderflash, that his mighty scientists have miniaturised their atomic bomb technology to the point of it fitting on top of a ballistic missile. North Korea...
  10. JockScot

    Possible Walt found!!

    If you go to 1:53 in this video You will see a man on the right hand side wearing Army issue OD overalls and a Flak Jacket as well from the 60s 70s He looks like a right Walter Mitty!
  11. A

    This fruitcake had his own family duped.

    "Fantasist lorry driver lied to his family for 15 YEARS telling them that he was an SAS hero tortured in Iraq - and his wife died of cancer still believing him... ...The brother and sister were aided by internet vigilante group the Walter Mitty Hunters Club in outing Izzard as a con." Read...