1. adouglasmhor

    Will Astigmatism stop be from being able to join?

    I didn't know until my 30s, I was told when I was little that I had a lazy eye, by my mum who obviously hadn't really listened to what was being said, despite her having it as well (other eye - both have it as a common side effect from having measles as a kid it's not genetic). It's made me...
  2. J

    Another on eyesight

    I know there are other threads out there but I would like someone to confirm this for me My eyesight sits at Right +4.75sph -2.50cyl 17.5 axis aided 6/6+ Left +7.50sph -3.00cyl 160 axis aided 6/7.5+ Im looking at RA but if theres anywhere I can join it would be apreciated to...