1. dockers

    Nam-sense – surviving Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division

    The author may be characterised as a proud American. In addition to publishing this book, he has appeared in the several television documentaries on the Vietnam War and Hamburger Hill. This is his memoir of his time in the US Army in 1968 and Vietnam 1969-70. Unashamedly told from his...
  2. JINGO

    Shadow Commander.

    The epic story of Donald D Blackburn guerrilla leader and special forces hero is the subtitle to this book. An Infantry officer assigned to train the fledgling Philippines Army at the cusp of America’s entry into the Second World War Blackburn emerged from the disaster at Bataan to become an...
  3. Themanwho

    VIETNAM An Epic Tragedy 1945-1975

    “VIETNAM, An Epic Tragedy” by Max Hastings is exactly what it purports to be: a chronicle of the tragic history of Vietnam, concentrating on the period spanning the French and American involvement in South East Asia from the return of colonial power following the defeat of Japan through to the...
  4. seaweed

    Bloody Sixteen

    The book opens with a stark overview that sets the scene for its account of the 'improved Essex' class Oriskany's three deployments 1965-1968, marked by LBJ-led civilian meddling and micromanagement in far-away Washington - that never factored in, for example, tropical weather - by pussy-footing...
  5. untallguy

    Khe Sanh Siege in the Clouds

    I’ll say it upfront; this is a great book. The author of Khe Sanh Siege in the Clouds, Eric Hammel, has presented the ordinary US Marine’s (and some Army, Navy and Air Force personnel) perspective of the siege of Khe Sanh. For those whose knowledge of the Vietnam War is a bit lacking, Khe Sanh...
  6. Goatman

    Drugs,Vietnam and Russia

    Interesting article in today's Sunset Times, covering the rise and rise of 'legal highs' including Spice. LINK This paragraph caught my eye: John Huffman,whose original research into synthetic cannabinoids was the pump primer says "My wife looked up the compound JWH015 on Google. My...