victoria cross

  1. Auld-Yin

    Unrewarded Courage

    Over the years since the VC was instituted there have been people who have carried out acts of valour that have, for some reason or another, not been rewarded with the VC while others, contentiously ‘less worthy’ have received it. This though is not a book about moans and groans about who got...
  2. sirbhp

    3 Para

    n April 2006, the elite 3 Para battlegroup was dispatched to Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan. They were tasked with providing security to reconstruction efforts, a deployment it was hoped would pass off without a shot being fired. In fact, over the six months they were there, the 3 Para...
  3. sirbhp

    On Courage: Stories of Victoria Cross and George Cross Holders

    Alexander Armstrong, Baroness Hale, Bear Grylls, Bill Beaumont, Bobby Charlton, Katherine Grainger, Kelly Holmes, Derek Jacobi, Eddie Redmayne, Frank Bruno, Geoffrey Palmer, Jeremy Irons, Joanna Kavenna, Joanna Lumley, John Simpson, Joseph Calleja, Julian Fellowes, Kate Adie, Ken Dodd, Margaret...
  4. Bad CO

    IRA Volunteer with Victoria Cross

    Whilst browsing some articles related to the 1916 Easter Uprising, I came across the following article which I think is typically Irish. I particularly like the fact that "he was an active member of the IRA when he journeyed to London in November 1920 to join an honour guard of Victoria Cross...