1. untallguy

    Survival Course

    Survival Course is Chris Cocks' story of his life after he left the Rhodesian Light Infantry. It can be read as a stand alone but works best as a sequel to his first book, Fire Force. It describes his life at the end of the Bush War, working as a farm manager and a Police Reservist, the creation...
  2. Trilby

    Soldiering on: British Tommies after the First World War

    Adam Powell's 'Soldiering on: British Tommies after the First World War' is a slimmish (pp.256) larger format paperback, arranged in four parts, with prologue and introduction. Part I covers the Armistice (both at the Front and at home), plus demobilisation and the actual return under the title...
  3. V

    Help! Guard of honours request for my dads funeral

    Hello all, I’m hoping someone can help me. Sadly my dad lost his fight to cancer yesterday and we are all heartbroken and want to make his funeral as special as possible he was so proud to have been in the army he was in the Gunners as a bomberde. Is it possible to have a guard of honour as his...
  4. S

    Coffee, Cake and Combat Stress - fundraising awareness event in Belfast 23rd and 24th October

    Hope it's ok to post here. I work for Combat Stress, the veterans' mental health charity. Following on the events we've held in England we're now heading to Belfast in October. These are fundraising awareness events where a veteran will talk about his experience of mental health issues and...
  5. Stumpy4154

    Courage After the Battle.

    I asked to review this book as it covered a subject I am fortunate not to have experienced but, like many people, holds a good deal of interest. The book it is written by Peter Jackson-Lee, a Royal Marines veteran of the Falklands War and my impression is it is aimed at civilians who want to...
  6. C

    March in March for #TeamCombatStress

    This March we’re asking the Great British public to put their best foot forward for Combat Stress. In the last 10 years we’ve seen a staggering 143% increase in former servicemen and women seeking our help for trauma-related mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic...
  7. Y

    Just a quick question

    Hello all! Let's start by saying, I'm not fishing for reassurance or anything. I don't need wrapping in cotton wool... I need honesty from seasoned soldiers (former serving) I am a 5'4 Yorkshireman but on the slim side.... Would I get taken seriously as an Officer on first impressions? How...
  8. K

    Veteran/Contractor Event in Cheltenham

    Hi All, I've already posted this on LinkedIn etc but thought I would drop it in here as well for those that have missed it. There will be an event held in Cheltenham by St. James's Place Wealth Management aimed at ex military contractors or those transitioning from military to civvy...
  9. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Everything ELC

    Check out the ELC training courses -
  10. Simon - Quest Magazine

    ELC Training Courses

    For all your ELC Training Courses, Funding, Further Education, and Jobs read our latest edition here.
  11. Goatman

    Combat Stress - call for Scotland based volunteers?

    Hi all, Saw this and wondered if any Arrse members North of the Border could help out? Ping @Auld-Yin @Fang_Farrier @fairmaidofperth Passed on for what its worth,please relay . Many thanks. LINKY Do you live near Ayr and are free this weekend? Marks and Spencer Foodhall, Heathfield...
  12. C

    PhD veteran research: life after injury

    Hello all. Posting this (with Bad CO’s approval) about my PhD project researching life after a traumatic injury. I am currently looking to interview veterans who experienced a traumatic injury, which has led to separation/retirement from the Armed Forces/active duty. My definition of...
  13. K

    Impact of service later in life

    We are conducting a research study which will explore how people’s careers affect their health and wellbeing later on in life. We aim to see if military service may have a different impact on health and wellbeing in later life or not. The study will include military veterans and non-veterans and...
  14. K

    Moral injury

    The King's Centre for Military Health Research (KCMHR) are thinking of doing a project looking at how different types of extremely challenging military experiences can affect active duty UK Service Members and Veterans. We are particularly interested in hearing about military experiences that...
  15. R

    Veteran's Experiences in Civilian Employment

    Looking to conduct short phone interviews, around 15 minute in length with British Army veterans. The research aims to understand what benefits and barriers are created by time in service when moving into civilian employment. The research so far has highlighted the lack of financial support...
  16. Simon - Quest Magazine

    New QUEST: essential course and career information for serving and ex-Service personnel

    All-new QUEST magazine is now live, in print and online at QUEST – established for almost two decades as the go-to resettlement guide to careers and training opportunities for those leaving HM Armed Forces – now also incorporates COURSES 4 FORCES, its sister publication...
  17. I

    Journalist looking to speak to Iraq veterans

    Hi, I'm a journalist looking to speak to homeless (or formerly homeless) Iraq war veterans. Can you please get in touch if you'd like to speak to me about your experiences? Thanks!
  18. Padbrat 93

    Petition to raise wages to more than traffic warden

    Seen it in the paper about a traffic warden earning alot more than a soldier I think everyone would agree this is outrageous so anyway I put a petition together hope you guys will sign it to try and get this into Parliament Petition: Increase soldiers wages to more than what a traffic warden gets
  19. Bad CO

    NHS England: Engagement on mental health services for Veterans

    Just in by email: The NHS England engagement on mental health services for veterans is now live and the survey and supporting information can be accessed at: Developing mental health services for veterans in England - NHS England - Citizen Space The...