1. W21A

    When the Shooting Stopped – August 1945.

    Barrett Tillman has ties to the US Air Force, Navy and Marines and the Royal Navy. A pilot, he has hundreds of hours in historic aircraft. A historical lecturer, he has appeared at the Smithsonian, the Naval War College and on various TV channels and has written more than 40 books. 'When the...
  2. seaweed

    Home Waters (1914-1918)

    'Dawn off the Foreland - the young flood making/Jumbled and short and steep - 'Black in the hollows and bright where it's breaking -/Awkward water to sweep. '"Mines reported in the fairway,/"Warn all traffic and detain. '" 'Sent up Unity, Claribel, Assyrian, Stormcock, and Golden Gain."'...
  3. seaweed

    Bloody Sixteen

    The book opens with a stark overview that sets the scene for its account of the 'improved Essex' class Oriskany's three deployments 1965-1968, marked by LBJ-led civilian meddling and micromanagement in far-away Washington - that never factored in, for example, tropical weather - by pussy-footing...
  4. seaweed


    In July 1945 the cruiser USS Indianapolis, rapidly repaired after a Kamikaze attack, was tasked with delivering the essential parts of the atomic bomb to Tinian in the Marianas. She was then routed to Leyte for a delayed workup. She never arrived. At midnight on the night of 29/30 July she had...
  5. Daz

    Reference Image Douglas SBD Dauntless

    Well, since so many are being build, such as the one by @Simmerit. we might as well have an SBD thread :) Atlantic colour scheme A-24 version
  6. seaweed

    How Carriers Fought

    Focusing on the big Pacific carrier battles of WW2, the author wanted to find out how they were fought, why particular methods and strategies were used, and whether the parties (particularly the USN) could have done better. He couldn't find a book that told him those things, so set about writing...
  7. seaweed

    Disputed Victory

    'There's a buzz going round the haaarbour that the Yanks are going to sea ..' RN words to Halls of Montezuma' The focus of this book is the action in which the USN sank four Spanish cruisers off...