usaaf history

  1. Themanwho

    “Big Week” 1944 – Operation Argument & the Breaking of the Jagdwaffe

    “Big Week” or to give its proper title Op ARGUMENT, is one of those campaigns that nearly everyone knows something about, but because it was so successful, it’s not as well discussed as more contentious and problematic battles. In late 1943 the USAAF Strategic bomber forces tasked with...
  2. JINGO

    The Doolittle Raid.

    As an example of airmanship, innovation, and cold hard courage there are only a few feats of arms that can rank up there with the Doolittle raid. The Dambuster or Black Buck raids spring to mind of course, but this is April 1942, the Japanese steamroller is in full flow across the Pacific...
  3. sirbhp

    Air War Over North Africa. USAAF Acendant,

    The year 1942 began badly for the Allies. German U-boats were indiscriminately sinking merchant shipping off America's east coast and in the Caribbean. Allied fortunes were no better in the Far East under the relentless Japanese advance. America was struggling to hold the Philippines, while the...