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    Questions about UOTC, Sandhurst and HCav

    I've been looking in to the specifics of joining the army a lot recently as I'm off to uni in October. ARRSE seems to have been the best informed place on the internet to get answers to some questions, and plenty of the threads I've read through have been super helpful. But I'm still left with a...
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    UOTC vs joining a reserve regiment

    I know that there have been threads on this before, but my situation is a bit different to others. I'm going into my 3rd of 4 years at uni. Given that UOTC is meant to be a 3/4 year programme, should I still look to join or should I get some experience by joining the reserves as an enlisted...
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    Which is the best to Join?

    Hi there , I'm starting university in September I'm just wanting to know which is better to join while in uni, Uotc or the Army Reserves as an Officer? Reason being I'm hoping to go to Sandhurst once I've graduated and just wanting to get a grasp of army life prior to Sandhurst.
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    Medical discharge from University Officer Training Corps

    Hello, long term browser and new user of the site here for some help (hopefully!). I was a member of the UOTC and an Army undergraduate bursar during my time at university. I injured my left ankle in 2013 on exercise on a reserve course at Sandhurst. I was hospitalised and x-rayed, but didn't...
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    Applying as a reserve soldier but off to uni soon....

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone could help me as I can't find answers anywhere. I'm currently applying as a reserve soldier, I'm 18, I'm hoping to do phase one alpha and bravo after my exams in summer or, if I can, do the Midlands challenge. After that I'm hoping to apply as a reserve officer and...
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    Is there a officer and university course?

    Hi I'm been thinking of joint the British Army as an officer but I was wondering if there was a dedicated institution that would be provide you with military training and a university degree, similar to the Australian Defence Force Academy, where the government pays for most of your degree and...