1. T

    How important are university marks/grades for Sandhurst?

    I've been planning on applying as a regular officer for a while now, but unfortunately my university marks aren't the greatest. I accept full responsibility for this. It is a combination of too much partying and not enough studying... So my question is: During AOSB Briefing and Main Board, to...
  2. Us at Durham composite.jpg

    Us at Durham composite.jpg

  3. M

    HELP! Need Student Nurse Information EXPIRED

  4. JNM

    Certificate of Higher education value

    I'm currently preparing to go to Glencorse on the 14th for assessment and I've just received my Certificate of Higher education from uni (just dropped out this summer). Obviously taking it to assessment but was wondering how they're seen by the guys there due to my A-Level results not being...
  5. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Keele University

    If you are looking to expand your career, experience and skills and be able to work within the NHS? Have you ever considered a career as a Physician Associate? Click HERE to find out more...
  6. D

    Which is the best to Join?

    Hi there , I'm starting university in September I'm just wanting to know which is better to join while in uni, Uotc or the Army Reserves as an Officer? Reason being I'm hoping to go to Sandhurst once I've graduated and just wanting to get a grasp of army life prior to Sandhurst.
  7. C


    Does army pay for university fees fully? And is there any requirements?
  8. Boris_Johnson

    A Level Results out - Drop in Applications for Uni

    For those of you with teenage kids - something of interest for you. My daughter about to start her second year at college and already talking about the idea of trying for an apprenticeship over being saddled with £1,000s of debt. Source: Sky News A-level results are out as uni applications...
  9. Simon - Quest Magazine

    ELC Training Courses

    For all your ELC Training Courses, Funding, Further Education, and Jobs read our latest edition here.
  10. Couragethecowardlydog

    Soldier -> Officer OR straight to Officer training??

    Hi guys, been pondering on joining the army for a few months now and after some research, I've begun the joining process. I am still at University so my original plan was to join as a Reserve Officer. I'm interested in the Int Corps who the army careers lot have said is at 120% capacity so are...
  11. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Quest July 2017

    The latest edition of Quest is online: The ABC of ELC training courses
  12. Simon - Quest Magazine

    New QUEST: essential course and career information for serving and ex-Service personnel

    All-new QUEST magazine is now live, in print and online at QUEST – established for almost two decades as the go-to resettlement guide to careers and training opportunities for those leaving HM Armed Forces – now also incorporates COURSES 4 FORCES, its sister publication...
  13. R

    Army officer scholarship scheme

    dear all, I am currently considering applying for a scholarship and I had a few questions. I would really appreciate it if I could get a few answers. 1) is the scholarship mainly for those at state schools or at a slight economic advantage or is it for everyone? (I go to a private school but...
  14. G

    Any experience required for PQO entry?

    I'm looking to join the army as a doctor after uni. I'm also looking into the medical bursary scheme but because I've heard it's highly competitive to get into, would I be at a disadvantage if I haven't had any previous army experience like family history in the armed forces...CCF at school etc?
  15. W

    Biomedical Scientist

    I have wanted to join the UOTC but for private reasons I was not able to join until third year of my degree (out of 4). Im absolutely loving it and and i didnt consider a career in the army until I saw that they are recruiting biomedical scientists. Unfortunately my degree is in Life Science but...
  16. J

    Educational Waiver for Officer Role

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums. I went into my local recruiting office today as I was initially very interested in a few communications and IT based roles in the Royal Engineers and Artillery. However, the careers advisor said because I had a 2:1 Degree in Criminology I should be looking more...
  17. guzzijon

    Rhodes Must Fall Protester: Nasty Little Racist.

    On a similar theme to the Labour Party's recent relaunch as the spiritual home of Adolf Hitler :-) , it turns out that some members of the Rhodes Must Fall movement are racist gits. From the Daily Telegraph. Sir Cecil Rhodes was never as crass as this small-minded bigot who thinks that...
  18. ShoghunUK

    Formal Qualifications

    It's been a while, now, since Intelligence and Securiy have had formal qualifications available. Having helped members who have undertaken the MA in Intelligence and Security Studies available from Brunel University and seen even those who have very little experience with the subject obtain the...
  19. ZonalAppreciation

    University of Lincoln - Military Programmes

    I am currently researching online courses, and I have come across this: Military Programmes - University of Lincoln There isn't too much information about it on the site, and I have failed to find anyone who has attempted any of the courses, so I open it up to Arrse, can any of you shed some...
  20. L

    Is there a officer and university course?

    Hi I'm been thinking of joint the British Army as an officer but I was wondering if there was a dedicated institution that would be provide you with military training and a university degree, similar to the Australian Defence Force Academy, where the government pays for most of your degree and...