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  1. W

    Ukraine Ukraine swapping Leopard 2 for T-72s

    Forbes: As Ukraine Loses More And More Of Its Best Leopard 2 Tanks, It’s Turning Back To Old T-72s "The Ukrainians have lost at least 11 of their Leopard 2s, and expect to get 14 more as replacements next year. " "It seems Russian forces have knocked out another two Ukrainian Leopard 2 tanks...
  2. Artee

    Book Review Live. Fight. Survive by Shaun Pinner

    Shaun Pinner started out his military career with the 1st Bn the Royal Anglian Regt and served for nine years. Like many who turn to the Army, he had little interest in education at school and was schlepping around Watford with very little in the way of gainful employment and spent far too much...
  3. kiwidoug

    Ikea shows it's moral strength.

    I was going to add this to the Ukraine thread, but did not want a ban TYVM. so I'll try here. Went to IKEA in Edinburgh today under SWMBO's command. As we were leaving, remembered to look for Daim sweets, that our granddaughter requested. Couldn't see them, so asked one of the managers. She...
  4. K

    When the war in Ukraine ends

    When the war in Ukraine ends, what then? Firstly, Ukraine: 1. Infrastructure repair- who gets to help? Who pays? 2. National security- political and military- EU? , NATO? effects on Ukr and those organisations? 3. Rebuilding Society- a militaristic nation, born in blood, with a century of...
  5. MongMastermind

    Russia's Wagner Group opens new defence centre in St Petersburg; 'We will defend our fatherland', Putin tells Moscow crowds

    Just gone into law, Russian PMC HQ open in St Petersberg and recruiting convicts, and operating on the front line
  6. BarcelonaAnalPark

    Ukraine: projectile delivered sponsored messages

    I see that some enterprising Ukranians are scribing messages on live projectiles to be fired at Russians, in exchange for cash. Thread to ponder what kind of bon mots would be most suitable to be delivered to the invaders de haut en bas. I think something along the lines of "I'd like to add...
  7. B

    Ukraine War in Ukraine

    Just picked this OSInt up, may be nothing or something about to happen?
  8. Oyibo

    The Trolls from Olgino - Tracking Changes

    I have found it fascinating on the Ukraine thread how the number of posts from the usual Russian trolls has ramped up and how, it appears, their users change (language ability, tone, etc.). I've started this thread so that they do not pollute the others, and so that we can track some of their...