1. MoleBath

    Krithia Gallipoli

    The Gallipoli campaign has been well documented, studied and revised over the decades. British, Australian and Turkish historians and writers have delved deep into historical records. The Turks saw Gallipoli as a key moment in the founding of the modern Turkish state. The Australians and New...
  2. S


  3. Red Hander

    The Saudi Blockade of Qatar - can anyone explain what is going on?

    Qatar row: Calls for diplomatic talks to end Gulf crisis - BBC News I'll be honest, I follow certain areas of the Middle East but the Qatar situation is new to me. Is the issue that Qatar is being too friendly to Iran? How far will the KSA and US go to get Qatar back onside? Has Trump abandoned...
  4. Kromeriz

    Holland, the hand of Russia?

    Ostensibly, the disruption in relations between Holland and Turkey, two NATO member states, one a member of the EU the other, a shunned bride seem like a spat. However, who even suggested to the Turks that fermenting unrest and protests in another country in support of a sitting president was...
  5. ViolatorOfVirgins

    Getting hot in Turkey?

    Russian ambassador to Turkey 'shot dead' in Ankara Russian ambassador was shot in Ankara, russkies are quiet about his state so I believe he is kaput now.
  6. Travelgall

    Turkey Protests US troops wearing Kurdish ID

    It seems that US SF have drawn the ire of Turkey by wearing Kurdish patches. That said I did laugh when they said they wore them to blend in with Local Forces - bearing in mind their Ops Core helmets with Picatinny they are cutting around in.