1. D

    AFCS Trinunal - Help and Advice

    Good morning everyone. Im really hoping someone can give me some help / advice. I had my tribunal yesterday and it was absolutely horrible. My tribunal was because I appealed their decision for PTSD but when I was going through, it seemed like they were more concerned with the triggers that...
  2. G


  3. G

    War Pension Tribunal Via Video

    I currently receive a war pension of 80% after being medically discharged with Complex PTSD, I also suffer with varying physical injuries. I am in the process of attempting to be awarded Constant Attendance Allowance which was refused by veterans uk some time ago. I was informed yesterday that...
  4. I


    Hi all, Ive been currently waiting 5 months into my appeal for PTSD , I was awarded level 10 after a multitude of events which caused my mental health to deteriorate. AFCS acknowledged this in October and I’m yet to hear a thing back yet. Im on the verge of declaring bankruptcy due to not...
  5. mrwatto

    Incompetent AFCS

    I am looking for some advice on my current AFCS ongoing claim. I injured by back re-supplying troops with ECM in Helmand as a CQMS in October 2010 and was discharged in Aug 2015, after 2 failed micro-discectomy's in my lower back and an L4/5 fusion. After my first operation I was expected to...
  6. Fez

    Winning an AFCS & GIPs

    Hi. 6 weeks ago I won my AFCS tribunal at the 3rd attempt (it got adjourned twice because the SPVA lacked evidence). My award was upgraded from a Level 13 to a Level 11 injury. I latter learned via my RBL rep that I am now entitled to a GIP. I did not even know what one was until I googled it...