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    Review by Metellus Cimber II I have never read or reviewed a book quite like this one. Readable, enjoyable in a scary, crazy way, it combines grief memoir, autobiography, biography, ghostly folklore, literary and film criticism with travel around the UK. Edward Parnell is an ornithologist as...
  3. W

    Best role for adventurous travel?

    Hi everyone, I am considering joining the armed forces as I like the idea of adventurous travel- jungle, mountains, etc. Aside from the marines, which roles offer the most opportunities for this? From my research, guards or intelligence seem to be the most interesting, but I’m open to...
  4. K

    Deployment/Exercise Frequency

    Alright chaps, I'm in the process of joining the British army but would like to know which roles provide the best opportunities to deploy/train/exercise oversees most often. I'm currently leaning towards the Royal Engineers, specifically, carpenter but have read on previous forums that REME...
  5. T

    Cheap Military Flights

    A while ago, I remember chatting to a bloke about seeing more of Africa, and I think he mentioned cheaper flights to UK forces hotspots such as Nairobi, Kenya... Anyone know if it's true? Can you hop on RAF flights cheaply if you are currently serving?
  6. M

    The Marches:

    Originally published in 2016 and now available as a Vintage Paperback, The Marches is a curious book: partly Rory Stewart's autobiography; partly the biography of his remarkable father, Brian; partly general history; partly military history; partly travel writing. If you enjoyed Bruce Chatwin's...
  7. Ritch

    Kayak Travel Comparison Site

    Has anyone used the Kayak site? It's like Compare The Market but for travel etc. I'm wanting to book flights for Cyprus in August and have found some good deals with a couple of airlines. I've read a few mixed reviews about Kayak online but I wanted to see if any ARRSEr's have had any...
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  9. Tavor

    UK ban on Laptops, Tablets and Electronic Devices on flights from Middle East countries

    Yet another restriction that will affect millions of people thanks to some of those dedicated to their religion - UK bans laptops and tablets on flights from six Middle East countries No more reading books on your Kindle or watching movies on your iPad, so you can listen to the 3yr old behind...
  10. 4PawsPetTravel

    Pet Travel - Are you on the move? then take your pets too!

    Are you being posted abroad to Cyprus? or returning to UK from Cyprus? Do you have pets? Need help or advise? Then contact "4 Paws Pet Travel" One call (or email) and we can handle it all, door to door. We can assist with moves for virtually any pet to virtually anywhere in the world :) :)...
  11. Bris


    Hi all, I'm off to LA for a short trip to visit some friends, and we were looking at getting the hell out of the city [I can't stand the place] for four days and driving up to Yosemite, as none of us have been there before. I'd like to see the Giant Sequoia/the half-dome[or Glacier point & El...
  12. Goatman

    Crete 2016 - rip-off or paradise island?

    Mate of mine just came back from a week on Crete. Loved the island , hated his accom and felt overcharged for everything. I haven't been there since 2003. I suspect the recent dive in the Sterling Euro rate didn't help. Views welcome. Are Cretans more rapacious than elsewhere? Is it simply...
  13. 2PWRR

    What unit of the British Army travels the most?

    Hello chaps, Looked around and have read about lots of regiments that travel around a lot. But which role within the army allows one to travel the most? I hear close protection RMP travel a lot. What other roles in the British army travel the most? Or if not a specific role, why unit? Not...
  14. C

    GYH(T) Confusion & Questions.

    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum & new to the military, I was directed here in my search for answers to my questions. I live in Northern Ireland and have done for the past 16 years. I pay rent for a house I share with my father, basic bills like phone & internet are in my name but the rest is in...
  15. D

    Chances of operational deployment

    Hi guys. I'm 17 and seriously considering joining the army as a soldier after my a levels. I'm currently looking at some roles in the Sigs as well as the RAC and RA but wanted to ask if anyone on here has any opinions on whether or not operational deployments would be likely in 2017/18...
  16. Ritch

    Travel from the UK to USA.

    I'm looking at travelling to Los Angeles to see the missus' family for a couple of weeks. I've been looking at the visa requirements and rules and regs and being a total biff, I need simple answers. Do I need a visa? Do I need to fill out any forms beforehand? If anyone can help, it'd be...