1. D

    Resettlement Help - In the Service of Yourself, Paperback and E-Book

    All, Below is a link to a recently released book, entitled In the Service of Yourself. It's written by an ex-Navy lynx pilot who spent a lot of time flying with the AAC and was also a JTAC for a bit. He now runs his own tech business. It's available on Amazon and is aimed at helping all...
  2. AcornSunray


    The Rural List Cirencester - LAUNCH EVENT Come and meet employers, veterans and education advisers and talk through options. All services, all ranks, all stages in resettlement ... Hope to see you there.
  3. S

    Transition Research free meal and prize draw

    Request for help from 50+Service Leavers (all ranks and Services) The Officers’ Association (OA) is currently conducting a research project on the employment barriers and challenges to older Service leavers for which we are running group discussions. We are looking for ex-Service Personnel...
  4. D

    Loss of Resettlement Assistance at 55? Watch out if you are extended...

    A very good friend and current work colleague - a Group Captain - was offered an extension (at 52) from 55 to 60, which he accepted (kids at school etc). However, he has decided to dabble in a few resettlement courses and was told - categorically - that he cannot undertake any resettlement...