1. Chelseaalouette

    Transferred but want to sign off?

    Hello another sign off question that I think I know what the outcome of abuse I will get on here? Basically I would like to sign off but only transferred just over a year ago. The contract I signed was for 3 years minimum so sign off on the 2nd and be out on the 3rd but reason being with my...
  2. GleamingQunt

    Anyone transferred from Infantry to Int Corps before?

    Looking to get some information on transferring to the Intelligence Corps, from Infantry. Basically I'm wanting to do something different and would like to know what its like being transferred? Where the phase 2 (if it is that) training is conducted? Also if I'd have to go back to the depot for...
  3. S

    Re-cap badged

    I re cap badged a couple of years ago in The Royal Signals from the Infantry. I came across as a substantive full screw. Now I'm looking at picking up Sgt but ive been told I need to complete JCLM Part 3. I re cap badged from the infantry and never knew anyone that did this "part 3"? After a...