1. C

    want to transfer regiment (artillery)

    does anyone still serving or who has recently left the artillery know which is best regiment within wiltshire, currently in 1st RHA and it is shit, don't want to sign off yet but i don't want to spend anymore time in this regiment as i've been here 4 years and have not enjoyed 1 day. was...
  2. B

    Transfer from The RAC to RLC Movement Controller

    Evening all, I've been in the RAC for 14 years and I've just put a transfer to the RLC as a Movement Controller. I'm searching for as much information as I can, so when I go for the assessment day interview and then to phase 2 I can speak confidently and clearly about what it is ill be doing...
  3. T

    Reserve to regs

    Hi, I’ve been in the infantry reserve for little over a year now and was wondering if anyone has any info on transferring to regs I.e. how much training I will need to do if any... looking at joining artillery of that makes any difference? Any info appreciated
  4. P

    Para Reg to Int Corps Reserves

    Good evening all, As it stands I'm due to leave the Army end of this month after nearly 9 years, however, I've had a change of heart about cutting my ties with the Army all together and have decided to join the Int Corp Reserves. For a few reasons, the main one being that I'm going to be...
  5. R

    Transfer to 47 RA

    Hello, I'm currently a lcpl in an infantry battalion and since finishing juniors have decided that I would like a job change 47 appealed to me before I went down to Wales so I'm looking for some information on the transfer process before I make my intentions known to my battalion, thanks.
  6. Couragethecowardlydog

    Soldier -> Officer OR straight to Officer training??

    Hi guys, been pondering on joining the army for a few months now and after some research, I've begun the joining process. I am still at University so my original plan was to join as a Reserve Officer. I'm interested in the Int Corps who the army careers lot have said is at 120% capacity so are...
  7. G

    Transfer To Army Welfare Worker

    Good morning, I am considering transferring to Army Welfare Worker. Does anyone have any info about the training, weather my family can accompany me during training and any other helpful info. Also, what is the promotion and rates of pay like. Also, if anyone who has already transferred into...
  8. Heywaterboy

    transfer to RMP

    Hello, I keep checking the OAVL to see if the RMP are taking on trasfereee. From what I have researched is usually they only take on lance corporals to which I am and they only really recruit once a year. I have been in 6 years and I am happy in my job but I have always wanted to go down the...
  9. Heywaterboy


    Hello, I keep checking the OAVL to see if the RMP are taking on trasfereee. From what I have researched is usually they only take on lance corporals to which I am and they only really recruit once a year. I have been in 6 years and I am happy in my job but I have always wanted to go down the...
  10. P

    Para Reg transferring to Royal Signals (CS Engineer)

    Good evening ladies and gents! Question time. As it stands, I'm currently serving in Para Reg as a full screw, however I am looking to make the jump to Royal Signals as a CS Engineer. However, I am wondering: A) Am I likely to retain my rank throughout re-trading in Phase 2 and post phase 2...
  11. Bungle2278

    SNCO transfer

    Gents, Please don't take the piss (too much anyway). Done 14 yrs with and issues beyond my control mean I need to transfer (would love to 7 clicks but got a new born and couldn't afford it) I've been well and truly hung out to dry by my unit and there's no coming back, not now the ha have...
  12. GleamingQunt

    Anyone transferred from Infantry to Int Corps before?

    Looking to get some information on transferring to the Intelligence Corps, from Infantry. Basically I'm wanting to do something different and would like to know what its like being transferred? Where the phase 2 (if it is that) training is conducted? Also if I'd have to go back to the depot for...
  13. S

    Reserve to regular

    Looking for some clarification here folks or maybe even some clear info. I've been in the reserves for nearly 3 years and through a lot of hard work time away etc managed to get to lcpl and VM class 2. I am now looking to transfer into regs but no one seems to have a definitive answer on...
  14. J

    Keeping pay

    I'm looking into transferring across from the Navy to the Army. I'm a Leading Hand (a CPL in army speak) and I understand I will loose my rank and start again from the bottom which is fair enough. But as they say you'll only get a deduction of pay for dicaplinary reasons, will I go back to the...
  15. Nyamazan

    LE Officer tfr to NZ Army in 3 yrs time

    Hi there, I am an RSM at the moment and once I hopefully come off the LE commissioning board as a Capt I want to apply for the NZ Army as an Officer. Is it reasonable to think that I would be able to stay a Captain and has anyone done this. My folks live in NZ and I am determined to get over...
  16. H

    RE Transfer 42 to 33

    So after the pay change and the fact I'm struggling with the academic side of Geo, I think its time to think about transferring, but what are the chances of me being able to transfer to EOD instead or am I going to be told shit luck and sent to Kinloss or something?
  17. S

    Reserves to Regulars (Midway through Process)

    Hello, I couldn't find this anywhere else but if it has been posted before please link me to it. Basically, I am at the Medical form stage of my application for the Reserves but have to wait till May to do my selection etc due to only being 17. After a few weeks of pondering on my full time...
  18. Chelseaalouette


  19. C

    RAMC Pharm Tech transfer but MLD..HELP!

    So firstly hi to all your professionally qualified people, first post, hopefully of many. My query is in regards to a potential transfer to the aforementioned job. I'm serving RA and have been for 10 years (currently 28) because I have a slight loss of hearing in one ear I have been advised...
  20. G

    Transfer cap badge

    I'm looking to transfer from Artillery to Infantry. I'm just wondering whether anyone has done this before and knows how to go about it, whether it's likely to happen and how long it takes to go through. P.s. The reason for wanting to transfer is that I simply want a change of job role (not...