1. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Level 4 Master Personal Trainer Course

    Discovery Learning is an established Fitness Training Provider delivering exceptional fitness and nutrition courses. All of our courses are recognised and accredited in the fitness industry, and will allow you to work as a qualified Fitness Instructor in the UK or internationally. To find out...
  2. K

    Serving Soldier considering transferring as an Officer

    Im a 27 year old sapper in the Royal Engineers, and have recently had the idea to transfer to an officer. I know a couple of lads in my squadron who are currently in the process so I know it is possible, and I have spoken to my troop commander about it. I went to uni before I joined the army...
  3. M

    Interview, GCSEs, accepted into role - help

    if you pass the maths and English test at the 2 day interview, but don't have the maths and English gcse needed for your chosen role(s) will the army see pass the 'bad' grades and let you in?? If so, dose the army provide maths and English training to achieve the grades you need? Thank you
  4. T

    Rifles- Catterick- November 2017

    I'm just wondering how many people on here are going to Catterick on the 12th November. Just got my date through.
  5. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Everything ELC

    Check out the ELC training courses -
  6. WelshWonder

    Protein shakes whilst training?

    Good evening, I start Phase 1 training in a few weeks time and was wondering weather protein shakes are allowed at ITC Catterick? I started drinking them a month or so ago to help with my recovery after exercise sessions, which have become more frequent and intense in the lead up to my start...
  7. S

    Improve Upper Body Strength

    I recently got my feedback from my scholarship selection and my upper body strength is worrying. What is the best way to improve it? What can i do that is relevant to military training? And what are good exercises/ways to improve that will prepare me for military training. Regards,
  8. Simon - Quest Magazine

    ELC Training Courses

    For all your ELC Training Courses, Funding, Further Education, and Jobs read our latest edition here.
  9. R

    Acf training manual

    does anyone have a recent copy of the acf drill manual?
  10. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Quest July 2017

    The latest edition of Quest is online: The ABC of ELC training courses
  11. I


    Iqarus Intl Ltd are pleased to announce the delivery of their combined MIRA / FREC level 3 course. This course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of those transitioning to the CP / PSD Global Operator role. The combined course, resulting in dual certification, is ideal preparation...
  12. S

    Officer wage and pay dates through training

    Sorry if there is already a thread on this, I can't seen to find it... I am currently interested in applying to be a officer in the army and going through every aspect of it in detail to make sure I know what I would be applying for and if it is for me. One major point is the wage and when...
  13. mc2016

    Training and Migraines

    Have seen my gp about them, they're definitely migraines i have a sort of visual aura creating a blind spot for about 30 mins then the headache joins and i feel extremely nauseous. I do believe they are defently exercise induced but only happen if I don't eat within 1-1:30 hours after, however i...
  14. K

    Moral injury

    The King's Centre for Military Health Research (KCMHR) are thinking of doing a project looking at how different types of extremely challenging military experiences can affect active duty UK Service Members and Veterans. We are particularly interested in hearing about military experiences that...
  15. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®)

    CNCI® is the industry endorsed program that provides everything you need to start a new lucrative career within the network infrastructure industry. The CNCI® is dedicated to providing cable installers with everything they need to confidently and accurately prepare, install, test and certify...
  16. O

    How long does reserve training last

    Hi, I have just started the joining process for the reserves for my gap year and time at uni as a soldier, I understand the whole phase 1 and alpha and bravo training bits but how long will the whole process take. Would it take me a whole year until I'm a soldier or can I basically do the...
  17. O

    How long does Reserve training take

    Hi, I have just started the joining process for the reserves for my gap year and time at uni as a soldier, I understand the whole phase 1 and alpha and bravo training bits but how long will the whole process take. Would it take me a whole year until I'm a soldier or can I basically do the...
  18. P

    Secondary job

    I'm currently awaiting discharge from ITC catterick, I've been waiting now 5 months for my discharge papers. I'm so bored it's unreal and my trade is security I was just wondering if I could work security while still technically in, would this affect anything? I can't stand another day sitting...
  19. Simon - Quest Magazine

    New QUEST: essential course and career information for serving and ex-Service personnel

    All-new QUEST magazine is now live, in print and online at QUEST – established for almost two decades as the go-to resettlement guide to careers and training opportunities for those leaving HM Armed Forces – now also incorporates COURSES 4 FORCES, its sister publication...
  20. A

    How many carry bags for Phase 1A

    Hi all, will be doing my consolidate Phase 1A reserve training soon. Including my Bergen and black kit bag, are we allowed to take another carry bag to put all of our other necessary equipment (sanitary stuff etc) in or am I supposed to somehow find space for this in my issued bags? thanks...
  21. Slippers948

    Shin Splints

    Yes I know there are plenty of threads on the old ARRSE about shin splints, however I cannot seem to find one about suffering from shin splints at Sandhurst. I'm currently on track for Sandhurst in Sept, with my main board quickly approaching. One thing I'm sh**ing it about is getting shin...
  22. thegimp

    police firearms media series

    not sure where to post this but found this of interest. Probably the first in depth police firearms training media There are a lot of videos in the series
  23. Ex-Mil Recruitment

    Aviation Security Training Instructor - Doncaster or London

    Aviation Security Training Instructor (019jc) – Doncaster or London – Excellent starting package My client a national aviation security training company are now seeking to recruit additional training personnel for their operations because of a period of sustained growth in this field. They...
  24. H

    I'm struggling with my fitness

    I'll start off by saying I'm 6ft1 and around 10.2 stone, so I'm not overweight. I've already applied to join the British Army. My only issue is I'm fitness sucks and I don't really have the money to pay for a gym membership as I'm only 17. I'm concerned that I will be turned down at the...
  25. A

    1.5 mile run

    this is probably already on here but I've got my selection in 3 weeks and I can't find it. I did my pda 1.5 mile run last month and I just passed when I have done practice runs I haven't done as well. At the pda the guys were encouraging whilst running for example one of them shouted well done...
  26. Y

    Fitness Preparation for Phase 1 Training!

    Hey all, This is my first post and just wanted some fitness advice. Not that its at a bad standard as I got a great A grade pass during selection including a 9 minute 26 seconds run time and pass other tests. I am joining the Royal Engineers and starting phase 1 on the 3rd of April at ATC...
  27. E

    Certificate in Education and Training (the new CTLLS)

    Im a newbie on the forum and only looking for some help. Some time ago, some courses warranted CTLLS to be awarded to army instructors. Thats no longer the case for an instructors course i recently attended and aced. So for my own development I've decided to do it open learning and get some...
  28. L

    Pre Joining Fitness Training

    I am looking to join the military next year and I am concerned about the strength tests. I am a decent runner but i lack upper body strength. Does anyone know of any good strength programmes designed for military people specifically? Thanks in advance.
  29. Qournbeef99

    Getting fit for the PARAS!!!!!

    Good evening ladies, im 17 and absolutely hate my job so I fancy jumping out of a plane. I would join the paras right now if I was fit enough however my 1.5 mile time isnt up to scratch and running long distances (4miles +) is not my strong point, so if there are any serving or ex paras, or...
  30. Dannyy.simo

    Urgent!! Fracture before training

    Basically I've passed my selection and everything, and I'm just waiting to go to Harrogate on 25th September, but about 3 weeks back almost a month I fractured my foot nothing serious and it should be healed fully ten days before start date, but should I ring them up to tell them or just leave...
  31. F

    How frequent are CSE phase 2 courses?

    I'd like to know if phase two courses for communications systems engineers are run on a regular schedule, and if so what's the frequency i.e. typical amount of time between any 2 courses. If it's not on a regular schedule, some insight into how it's organised would be greatly appreciated...
  32. I

    Use of iPads in training establishments

    hi all, Does anyone know of a programme that's run by the MOD/Defence for the use of iPads in training establishment ? I know the Engineer units use them. Any help/info would be great.
  33. P

    Basic Training Packages?

    Just wondered if there's anything you're not allowed to send in the post to your boyfriend in basic training?
  34. M

    TA medical versus regular medical

    Alright lads, I've been lurking for a while now and still haven't found an answer. I'm hoping to join the Intelligence Corps Reserves during uni (which for me will start in September), and then transfer to the regs after finishing my degree. My fitness and mental ability are both good, but...
  35. J

    RMAS Issued boots

    Right fellas! I need a new pair of (walking) boots and thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone and buy a pair boots that I would get issued at basic training and/or sandhurst (depending on if I pass my AOSB) to a) get used to boots instead of using trainers for everything and b) have a pretty...
  36. G

    Can I retrade?

    I'm looking to join the REME, my plan is to go as an amourer then if possible, retrade as an aircraft technician, can I do this? I may also want to become an instructor for basic training, how can i do this? Also, can I have some advice on both trades? I don't want to waste my time in the army...
  37. Microbe

    ISIS Hunting Club

    10 minute excerpt from a Dutch documentary. This has got Them (or American Them) written all over it. The OC sounds like he's spent a few years in Blighty prior to going back home to fight Daesh.
  38. R

    Help for Sapper trade?

    Hi just looking for some advise on what trade to do in the RE. I passed selection with an A but wasn't eligible for any trade due to my colourblindness being CP4 so I turned to become a para. Passed PRAC this week. But now have been told the CP grades for some trades has changed and I now have a...
  39. sniper____

    Training Plan Requests / Tips

    *sorry if this is the wrong area to post this(new to forums)* Hello, I just passed my assessment with an A grade I am told the next intake is in April 2016 for ITC Catterick I am wanting to improve my fitness and strength as much as possible within this time, if anyone has/knows a 4 month...