tier 1

  1. M

    Med discharge - calculation

    Hi, Could someone please help me work out how much my pension will be for a invaliding medical discharge Tier 1 or point me in the right direction of where to find the info. Calculation attached for my last forecast which was for me under normal discharge leaving in Oct 20 however I’ve been...
  2. W

    Medical discharge tier 1

    Hi all, quite a simple scenario I feel. I have been medically discharged and awaiting my tier although almost certainly tier 1. 05 pension from 2006-15 15 pension from 2015-19 £35k pensionable earnings Can someone tell me the tier 1 total sum approx ? Your help is appreciated I’ve done the...
  3. A Nother Cog

    Medical Discharge P8 AFPS 75/15

    Looking down the barrel of a P8 full med discharge and trying to get my head straight: Feb 2003 - April 2015 ( CPL ) = 12.08 years - AFPS 75 April 2015 - Sept 2019 (possible discharge date, SGT) = 4.4 years - AFPS 15 Final Pensionable Earnings = £37 550 MO reckons straight forward, Tier 1...