1. itchy300

    Mystery optic for THAT rifle

    Flicking through a book at my civvy work and saw this picture of THEM in Dhofar, I noticed an optical sight for THAT rifle that I didn't recognise. I wondered if any of the Old and Bold had come across one, maybe an experimental sight pre-SUIT? Few of the boys had vertical grips but they look...
  2. shifty j2

    Battlefield 5

    Heard on a video from jackfrags on youtube that BF5 is to be showcased on the 5th of May 2016- at some game geek meeting, but at least we will be able to confirm or deny the duty rumour that it will be WW1 focused or not. Points to whoever can post the teaser videos first.
  3. GCHQ

    Operation Nimrod - from the perspective of The Met

    Hello, Whilst clips from this production regularly surface in the numerous documentaries about the Hereford Gun Club's famous London outing, I don't ever recall seeing the whole thing. It's an interesting look at the Embassy siege from the point of view of the Met with some quite...