the somme

  1. Joshua Slocum

    A Lancashire Fusiliers First World War By Normal Hall

    Edited by his Grandaughter Norman kept a diary of all his wartime experiences, even taking the trouble to add black and white sketches, and some superb water colour illustrations, the diaries ran to 5 books, all of which now reside in the Imperial War Museum; on their own they are a fascinating...
  2. Joshua Slocum

    The Battles of ARRAS North - Vimy ridge to Oppy Wood and Gavrelle

    This excellent guide gives you advice on driving, walking, or cycling, when touring the area around the City of Arras, and will complement any visit that you make by showing you those subtle hidden gems that are so easy to miss. The area North of Arras is somewhat neglected by those interested...
  3. Trilby

    The Somme 1916 : The Strip of Murdered Nature 2 July - 18 November 1916

    This book, by television producer Ed Skelding, is built around numerous photographs taken by him on filming trips to the Somme sector, and deals with the Battle of the Somme, 1916 from the second day (2 July 1916) until the end, in November. The first volume one deals with the first day...
  4. Joshua Slocum

    The Somme 1916

    A great many books have been written for people interested in touring the Somme, and finding out much more about the battles, the losses,, and the decisions behind so many of the attacks and retreats. Most that I have read cover the British sector, some cover the Muese and Argonne along with...
  5. Joshua Slocum

    They Shall Not Pass

    The French Army on the Western front 1914 to 1918 To most British people the actions and endeavours of the French Army and later the Americans are little known, against our knowledge of the Somme and Flanders, so this book aims to fill this void. The Author has researched and translated a great...