1. 762baynet

    Mass shooting in Thailand

    A Thai squaddie seems to have gone on a rampage. Story goes that he shot his boss then went to a shopping mall and had a go at civvies, 12 reported dead at this time. Apparently he is holed up in the basement and the Army have sealed the place off... No doubt more to follow...
  2. chuggafugga

    Mothers of UK backpacker killers beg Thai king for sons' lives

    The migrant workers from Myanmar are facing the death penalty for murdering Britons David Miller and Hannah Witheridge in 2014. A very sad video of the 2 men's mothers crying on camera and whinging to the King to spare their sons, 3 appeals have failed and now he is the only one standing...
  3. Cliff Richard

    Former British Soldier Confirmed Dead in Pattaya

    Missing ex-soldier & current security contractors' body identified in Bangkok morgue one month after his death which allegedly occurred during a robust drunken romp with a ladyboy: New angle now being reported...