territorial army

  1. B

    Age for joining reserves

    Does anyone know when the min age went from 16 to 18 for reserve service? Cheers
  2. Bad CO

    Army Reserve Manning - MoD Response

    The legion of ARRSEs working deep undercover in MoD Main Building tell me that there are some very senior people in the MoD who are pretty miffed with the recent article in the Express concerning AR manning (Thread: Army Reserve Manning - Change The Target). Now that in itself isn't really that...
  3. Bad CO

    Army Reserve Manning - Change the Target

    Another paper (ok I know it is the express) has been running a story about the problems meeting the 30k recruiting target for the AR. Key points are: "Senior military sources" have highlighted that the AR are padded out with 'paper soldiers' with only 10% turning up. Recruitment is down &...