1. K

    So in basic training and u receiving £15,900+/year, does it include accommodation,tax and food or it has already been subtracted and it's left £15,000

    If you are in basic training and you are receiving £15,900+ per year, does it include accommodation, tax and food or it has already been subtracted and it's the left with £15,000
  2. greenbaggyskin

    Corona, the mess bill

    I was reading a few things today that just jarred immediately and set me thinking, which is always dangerous. Apparently the treasury has spent £280Bn on its immediate Coranavirus measures, with no short-term likelihood of an end to the farago that is the lockdown cycle. The economic knock-ons...
  3. C

    Rift tax refund for ftrs (fc)

    Does anyone know if FTRS (full commitment) is eligible for tax refunds for travel to work? I just got told by Rift that it wasn’t but the woman didn’t really seem to know what FTRS is and that wouldn’t make sense considering you are on the same contract as a regular for the period?
  4. guzzijon

    Tax Dodgers' Paradise.

    Did you see what I did there? Anyway it's been all over the press and I haven't seen a thread here so far. This is definitely of interest to us as it would appear to involve a holier-than-thou rock star, shit comedy actors, the Royal Family (not the comedy) and mega-star sports people. Here's...
  5. P

    Self Employment Advice

    Hi - I'm new to this so please feel free to chuck me out if this is inappropriate? I've been in business now for 13 years and run a very small bookkeeping/accounts/payroll etc business. I'm running a series of seminars aimed at guiding, supporting and encouraging entrepreneurs and am...
  6. W

    Petition, Armed Forces to not pay tax on Operations

    Petition: Stop UK Armed Forces on Operations from paying tax during their deployment. please sign, it's about time our Armed Services had a tax break when operating overseas. The benefits have been reduced over the years and all three services are under more pressure to deploy with far less...