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  1. C

    Para reg tattoo

    Hi lads, sorry if it’s wrong section. Just curious about something. Passed my PRAC today and the Corporal told us to not go and get a tattoo of the Para cap badge when we come back for training (which I definitely would not do anyway) as they have earned theirs. How has he earned the right to...
  2. C

    Regimental Tattoos

    I was a member of the TA in the 1980's and 1990's and I moved around a fair bit.I did my recruit training with the RADC but I transferred into the RPC until we became RLC and in that time I served with the R.Sigs but only left due to suffering from virtigo.I served equally but I want a...
  3. d3adp1zzab0y

    Tattoos At AFC Harrogate

    hello, I am currently at school doing GCSEs and have already sent in my application for Harrogate. i'm waiting to hear back about my interview and selection day but have a question about tattoos. I love tattoos, and i've wanted them since i was really young. Last year i thought "what's the...
  4. Shandy123

    Shit tattoo.

    Anyone got a link to that gopping 'crossed rifle 5.56 RLC' tattoo on some numpty's back? Tried searching, no luck. Also any other shit tattoos, particularly military, would be worth a look at, for the craic.