1. Joshua Slocum

    Professor Porsches`s Wars

    Most of us are familiar with Ferdinand Porsche's KDF that became the VW, the stylish design icon the 901 later becoming the 911 and following in his father footsteps Ferry Porsche has continued to create stylish well balanced motor cars, however the early work of Ferdinand is less well known...
  2. Red Hander

    The Tank Museum's 'Top 5 tanks' series

    A heads up for anyone who may not be aware of this interesting series. As part of what is an impressive Social Media presence, the tank museum regularly asks well known types to select their Top 5 tanks. The latest selection is by Al Murray. 'The Chieftain' and Jim Dowdall's selections are...
  3. A

    A reminder of the past

    Hi all , me and my father have recently started our own little business that may be of interest to some of you. my father now 64 is a former member of several different regiments in the british army and was present during the troubles in Northern Ireland during the seventies , he much like so...
  4. Forces Digital

    Reports: "Arrogance" Behind UK Refusal To Buy German Tanks

    Britain reportedly turned down the opportunity to purchase a fleet of second-hand German tanks, even though they would have been able to operate for a decade longer than the upgraded Challenger 2. The move, which would have cost around the same as the Challenger 2 upgrade currently being looked...
  5. Yeoman_dai

    APDS and its effect on armoured targets

    Hello all! Hell it's been a long time since i've been on ARRSE... seems like nothing much has changed though. Happy New Year, etc... Anyway. So, I have a question to all the boffins/hardcore long serving Cav bods (unlike me, who did a short period then joined a service where I can take my...
  6. Goatman

    Leopard II -exports

    Never having worn red trizers myself,thought I'd ask the experts. At the weekend I was cheerfully throwing 4X4 jags onto a Korean ro-ro when I glanced up and saw half a dozen Leopard IIs in dark green paintwork lounging against the starboard side of the main deck. No pic soz. Short barrelled...