tank warfare

  1. MoleBath

    The Rise and Fall of Western Tanks 1855-1939

    The British Army finished the First World War with the largest tank force https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/#_edn1, the best AFVs and a solid doctrine to employ them. The army had the first dedicated Tank regiments and even a band so all was going so well. The immediate post war years were a...
  2. sirbhp

    Allied Armour 1939- 1945 :

    I must admit that when I received this book I though " oh God here's more pictures of tank, me on tank ,tank on fire , tank fallen over ,tank in snow etc etc " like so many other boring books of this nature. However I was absolutely pleasantly surprised and was taught very much by this story of...
  3. Auld-Yin

    Warriors for the Working Day

    This is a novel about a tank commander in 3 RTR from Normandy to Germany. Although fiction this is basically the author’s story of his time in 3 RTR, although in this case he starts as a young replacement rather than an experienced tanker from the N African campaign as the author was. Arriving...
  4. Auld-Yin

    Take These Men

    This is a novel but is more the biography of a young officer in the Desert. Joly served with 2 RTR and the book is basically their story with some elements from other actions included. It is a very personal story with Joly’s thoughts and deeds very much to the fore. The story opens in 1940...
  5. Themanwho

    The Cambrai Campaign 1917

    In 1917 whilst much of the fighting on the western front was yet more drudgery and slaughter, for a brief time it seemed that the British Army had found the recipe to end the stalemate in an all arms assault on Cambrai. Although it was soon engulfed by the usual problems dooming it to eventual...