1. L

    Patrolling SOPs

    Evening, I am currently writing a list of Patrols SOPs, the stuff that you know but they haven’t been taught in a formal lesson such as ambushes or Section Battle Drills. Such as the tap up and down before setting off to make sure everyone is aware your about to move or the all round defence...
  2. untallguy

    Infantry Combat – The Rifle Platoon

    Infantry Combat – The Rifle Platoon by John F. Antal is designed to support the training of officers and NCOs in small-unit tactics and leadership. The author is a retired US Army combat arms officer with a wide range of experience and has written a scenario where the reader is a US infantry...
  3. seaweed

    The Marine Corps Way of War

    This is a 'civilian' account of the USMC getting back to manoeuvre-based strategy and tactics after the aberration of sometimes using an attritional approach, with its heavy butcher's bill, in WW2 and Vietnam. What 'manoeuvre' means is to some extent explained in the text but what it boils down...