1. J

    Can someone who went unhappy soldier re join

    Hi, I joined and was in training for the parachute regiment this was 7 years ago. I was put into a recovery platoon for a shin injury from tabbing always massively struggled with it, it was a demon at the time and ever since leaving I always have massively regretted it and it bugs me, I think...
  2. M

    Back pain while tabbing

    Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced pain in the upper back when starting to run with weights, if so how is this resolved.
  3. B

    Should you practice tabbing?

    There are multiple threads out there about tabbing. mixed advice has caused much confusion for recruits. On my alpha I was told by all pti to not tab in preparation for my bravo and that running was enough. A luitenant with his wings told us he didn’t do any in preparation for p-coy just...
  4. G

    Which force/regiment does the most tabbing other than commandos?

    I've mainly associated infantry to do the most tabbing but I'm open to any corps. I love tabbing for some reason and I want to have a job where I do the most of it. Call me strange, I don't give a shit. Cheers
  5. J

    RMAS Issued boots

    Right fellas! I need a new pair of (walking) boots and thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone and buy a pair boots that I would get issued at basic training and/or sandhurst (depending on if I pass my AOSB) to a) get used to boots instead of using trainers for everything and b) have a pretty...
  6. T

    Strange Pain Whilst Tabbing - With Weight

    Hi guys Apologies as i know this has been done to death especially with shin splints. I used to get shin splints but lots of practice has solved them, however now i am experiencing a new type of pain. Im in the infantry and therefore have to carry 25KG whilst maintaining a 15 minute mile pace...