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    Medical History

    Apologies if it's been asked before. I want to join the TA but have been diagnosed with "high functioning ASD traits" or "aspergers traits". I will keep this short and simple. Would the TA be informed of my diagnosis in a medical report should I choose not to mention it? I feel a bit of a...
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    Joining the TA whilst on meds for Depression?

    First point : I have searched the other threads for the answer but they were all full of grumpy ********* telling the poster to search the other threads and posts encouraging suicide. Feel free to post either if it makes you happy, but I doubt it benefits anyone Ok cheers – I have been on...
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    TA medical versus regular medical

    Alright lads, I've been lurking for a while now and still haven't found an answer. I'm hoping to join the Intelligence Corps Reserves during uni (which for me will start in September), and then transfer to the regs after finishing my degree. My fitness and mental ability are both good, but...