1. Red Hander

    Weapons surrendered to SAA in Damascus -

    Posting here rather than in the Syria thread as the interest is in the older weapons: Carl Gustav, M1919, MG34, Sten, Maxim (unsure of type - comments welcome), bolt action rifles at 1.17 (id welcome), etc.
  2. Red Hander

    Captured by the SAA in Yarmouk, Damascus - BESA?

    I found this photo on the Ivan Sidorenko Twitter account. It shows weapons captured from rebels in Damascus. Centre picture - a BESA or a Czechoslovak original? Edit: additional image:
  3. Jackson03

    Syrian Massacre

    Almost 200 civilians have been killed in dozens of airstrikes and shelling by forces loyal to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad in eastern Ghouta over two days of “hysterical violence”, which has led to warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe that could eclipse past atrocities in the seven-year war. The...
  4. S


  5. Kromeriz

    Better utilization of assets over Syria

    Special Forces Fighting in Iraq - With The Aid of Vintage Vietnam War Plane! I was reading here of OV10 Broncos being used in Iraq and Syria because they were faster to get airborne, cheaper to operate, and had longer endurance over target than F series jets as well as being able to do a host...
  6. RoyalGreenJacket

    Syria aid convoys: Two guilty over terror funding

    oh look - these 2 'British' guys have been found guilty: Syed Hoque, 37, of Stoke-on-Trent, and Mashoud Miah, 27, of east London, were both convicted of funding terrorism i just can't believe it.
  7. Mr Happy

    UKSF wagons in Syria

    The BBC report rebro'd by Forces-Telly below featured UKSF in the sand: UK Special Forces 'Pictured Fighting Daesh In Syria' I was a bit surprised to see that they weren't running around in either Jackals or something very armoured. With that in mind, can anyone shed any light on (a) what...
  8. Microbe

    ISIS Hunting Club

    10 minute excerpt from a Dutch documentary. This has got Them (or American Them) written all over it. The OC sounds like he's spent a few years in Blighty prior to going back home to fight Daesh.
  9. adastra

    KCL Blogs of war

    Bear with, Im stepping out of character here for a minute. The Telegraph ran an item over the weekend that there was not really much point in our UK involvement in Syria. This was picked up almost comedy style by one of the readers in War Studies ay KCL. I know some of you slimy types have...
  10. Red Hander

    Poll now added: UK Military Action in Syria - Second Commons' Vote

    It is thought likely that, within weeks, the Prime Minister will ask the Commons to approve UK military action against IS in Syria. In 2013, the government lost a vote in the Commons after it had proposed to attack the Syrian government/regime. The impact of that defeat was significant and...
  11. peshmerga

    Medical volunteers

    Hello all, I am here in the hopes of gaining some medical volunteers. I am veteran from the British Army and have been working on and off in Iraqi Kurdistan since August 2014 volunteering assistance to the Kurdish Peshmerga who are currently fighting ISIS. We now have an official training...
  12. Henri_Charriere

    £1 Billion in foreign aid to Syria?

    Over £1 billion has been sent to Syria in foreign aid. Prime Minister David Cameron has promised that the UK will accept up to 20,000 more Syrian Refugees. Should money from the foreign aid budget be used instead to provide support for local councils homing these expected refugees? Where does...