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    Supplements phase 1

    I'm starting my phase 1 training soon and was wondering if supplements are allowed, at the moment I use impact whey protein as well as creatine monohydrate (both from, wanted to know from anyone who's been through phase 1 if bringing them is allowed as well as the general opinion...
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    Supplements In Phase 1

    Hey Guys, Start Phase 1 in June at Pirbright and im just wondering If I will be able to take supplents during basic, Ik you can take informed sports supplememts after training but not sure about during. Also seen many threads where people have just started arguing about different supplements I...
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    Whey Protein

    Hey all, I know there are things all over ARRSE about this but I can't find a good answer. My question is, what informed sports registered products are the best in your opinion? This can be in terms of price, taste, value for money, effectiveness etc. I want to know because I'm planning on...