1. Olrence

    Australian submarine AE-1 discovered after 103 years.

    It was 13th time lucky for World War I submarine found after 100-year search RIP boys.
  2. Kromeriz


    In the littoral waters of the Baltics, how useful are the MCMVs in detecting enemy submarines? If they can be employed in the detection would it not make sense with the 'proposed' retirement of 2 MCMVs, to give them to the Baltic States? Sorry if this is a bone question.
  3. seaweed

    Manta=ray shaped submarines and other possible goodies

    Manta ray submarines and flying fish torpedoes: what the Navy of the future might be sailing in and firing Interesting stuff here re submarine propulsion and many other novelties for the underwater war of the future.
  4. P2000

    Subzero: no SSNs available to the RN

    It's the Sun, so usual health warnings apply: UK's entire fleet of attack submarines is out of action and the PM doesn't know THE Royal Navy’s entire fleet of attack submarines is currently out of action. Repairs and maintenance to all seven have left none to defend our waters — or monitor...
  5. seaweed

    How to Build a Nuclear submarine

    How to Build..., Series 1: 1. A Nuclear Submarine This doco from 2010 on the building of Astute was reshown a couple of nights ago - still very interesting I thought.