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    Mental health nurse student

    Hello I was not sure which forum to put this on.I am looking for information on the fitnesd side of it as a healthy but unfit female and the financial aid which is given as well as the actual role and life as a soldier mental health nurse. I am currently at sixth form studying sociology,English...
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    Transferring to the QARANC as a Student Nurse.

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me any more information about transferring to the QARANC as a Student Nurse. I have been in the army for 3 years and been wanting a change in career for a while now. I am currently doing an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Nursing online which I'm...
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    Need Student Nurse Information!

    I’m looking for more information on the life of army nurses as there’s not a lot of current information online. I finished the Public Services btec diploma last year and have always wanted to join a service, I’ve applied and got into the police but having second thoughts so have been looking...
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    HELP! Need Student Nurse Information EXPIRED

  5. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Clinical Apprentice

    Have you considered an Apprenticeship to kick start your career? Are you caring, compassionate and looking to take your first step into a clinical career in the NHS? For more information - CLICK HERE
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    Apply as student nurse

    Hi, I've scrolled through most threads on this but can't find what I need and the army website isn't clear either. I want to apply to the army for mental health nursing. I have a BA (Hons) Sociology and Psychology and an MA Clinical Counselling. I've worked as a health care assistant, in youth...