special gunfire observer

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    Can special observers apply for SFSG

    Read that you can volunteer for SFSG attachment if you’ve completed p coy or AACC can guys from 29 commando and or special observers apply once badged Ino it’s mainly para but have been told others can get into that role?
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    Special Gunfire Observer Specialisations

    I saw prior to the recreation of the British Army's website, some of the Special Gunfire Observer's specialisations, however I'm closer than ever to making my decision and was wondering aside from Naval Gunfire Observer if there are any good specialisations or any worthwhile jobs you could do, I...
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    Some questions I still have...

    Hello, First of all I'd like to apologise for the more than likely long winded and large post I am about to do, it has to be like this because all the questions I have seem to have around 4 different answers on different forums and the actual Army website! So I decided to go for it and go and...