somme 1916

  1. Themanwho

    The Somme 1916 – Beyond the First Day

    This book is a “Visitor’s Guide” designed to facilitate walks, cycles and drives around the Somme battlefield beyond those normally attempted, as the title suggests. It covers the main secondary actions of the 1916 Somme campaign, from Beaucourt to Mametz, and is a companion to the authors’...
  2. Trilby

    The Somme 1916 : The Strip of Murdered Nature 2 July - 18 November 1916

    This book, by television producer Ed Skelding, is built around numerous photographs taken by him on filming trips to the Somme sector, and deals with the Battle of the Somme, 1916 from the second day (2 July 1916) until the end, in November. The first volume one deals with the first day...