1. R

    Weekends in the Army

    This is my first post on this website so this might be the wrong place to post this but here goes. So i am currently in the process of joining the infantry - hoping to join the Rifles if i complete Basic Training. I was wonder when you join your regiment, what does the typical soldier do on...
  2. J

    An Officers social life

    Just wondering what sort of social life a Officer gets, because some of my mate and myself have looked to officer as a career path and wondered if they can still go out with mates on weekends. And if they could even do that with fellow soldiers? So my main question is let’s say a 21 year old...
  3. chuggafugga

    Social Worker Powers

    What powers do Social Workers have? Do they actually have any or do they have to go through the courts to impose anything? Having a bit of an issue with them
  4. wolfbolt

    TJB HAC 105 Polo Invitational 2017

    Now that's what I call HAC Polo 7!... ok its the 7th year its happened! Saturday 2nd Sept 2017. Gates Open at 11:00 Its Back for the seventh year and this time all three HAC Polo teams - Regiment, Veterans and Saddle Club - will be in action this year at the TJB HAC 105 Polo Invitational at...
  5. wolfbolt

    TJB HAC 105 Polo & Saraghari Cup 2016

    Yes, its a bit of a mouthful... but Arse members will be pleased to hear that one of the biggest social events The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) organises with in excess of a thousand members of the Regiment, Company and public regularly in attendance is firmly back in the calendar for...
  6. thegimp

    Long shot Newquay lash up

    I find myself in Newquay for two weeks. The ******* regulars appear to be northern monkies, ultra tanned dirty dread lockers and proper job pointy heads If there are any arrsers in the region fancy a run ashore ping me a line Honestly some cnuts are doing oggy oggy ogggy in the pub No...