social media

  1. D

    Social Media use at the Tactical Level

    Hi all, I'm completing a dissertation on social media use at the tactical level and wondered if anybody on Arrse would be interested in completing a short survey (5-10 mins) for me. The link is here: Risks and Opportunities of using Social Media at the Tactical Level Much appreciated. A...
  2. Bad CO

    WW1 A Soldier's Tale

    We've just had this in by email which seems like an interesting idea. This project has now been turned into a book which is available on all the usual formats. We're getting a copy to review so hope to offer our thoughts soon!
  3. M

    Facebook page - Banter or Viscious?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in here so bare with me. The other month one of my mates on facebook sent me a link to a page on there called 'block rat ERV' a page where squaddies send in walk of shames spotted around camp and peoples drunken conquests. Awesome i thought!! and a very...