1. Rotten Chompers

    Rifles Reserve - Courses

    Hi Everyone, I'm interested in joining the Army Reserve. The Rifles have stood out for me because of the variety of bases and roles they carry out. As a soldier in the Army Reserve (Rifles in particular) what kind of courses are available to complete and how long would I be looking at serving...
  2. N

    Sas Walt?

    Got a guy who works at our security firm recons he was a sniper with 22nd I don’t know nearly enough to pick apart his story So I’m gonna post what he’s put on here and looking advice on how I can actually get the correct information but he pissing everyone off saying he can’t find a job due to...
  3. Nemesis44UK

    The Sniper Encyclopaedia

    Sniper! The very word conjures up a plethora of images – ghillie suits, ridiculously long rifles, Tom Berenger in the movie “Sniper” and high velocity bullets shredding organs or smashing skulls in glorious slow motion in the rather fun “Sniper Elite” games. Trust me, until you’ve shot a German...
  4. S

    Special Gunfire Observer Specialisations

    I saw prior to the recreation of the British Army's website, some of the Special Gunfire Observer's specialisations, however I'm closer than ever to making my decision and was wondering aside from Naval Gunfire Observer if there are any good specialisations or any worthwhile jobs you could do, I...
  5. pinksniper

    MTP Sniper Smock 180/96 - £80