1. B

    Some old marksmanship / shooting competition docs (pic heavy)

    The 'potential replacement for the SA80' thread and associated comments about marksmanship training / competition shooting tickled some old memories about some stuff I have squirrelled away from previous generations. I've dug it out as it might be of interest in terms of memories for the old...
  2. longtimeout

    SLR - “Right Arm of the Free World” ?

    Apologies in advance for reopening the floodgates of misty eyed memories of “that rifle”. I’ve repeatedly heard the SLR/FAL referred to on American media channels as “The Right Arm of the Free World”. I’ve always assumed this was one of those “universal” namings out of the US, as it doesn’t...
  3. mso

    THAT rifle

    THAT rifle 1954: The British Army got new rifles, which they clearly couldn't wait to show everybody.
  4. itchy300

    Mystery optic for THAT rifle

    Flicking through a book at my civvy work and saw this picture of THEM in Dhofar, I noticed an optical sight for THAT rifle that I didn't recognise. I wondered if any of the Old and Bold had come across one, maybe an experimental sight pre-SUIT? Few of the boys had vertical grips but they look...
  5. Familiarity doesn't always breed contempt

    Familiarity doesn't always breed contempt

    L1A1 SLR poster
  6. RIFLE 7.62mm L1A1

    RIFLE 7.62mm L1A1

  7. RIFLE 7.62mm L1A1

    RIFLE 7.62mm L1A1