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    Grading, SJAR, WISMIS

    Looking for some advice on a grading board. I have been WISMIS sick at home since April 2021 after a nasty accident at work and have only just recently returned to work. I have been in work for 2 weeks and yesterday was put into the Bombardier grading board. What I want to know is how is it...
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    Cpl - Sgts Board

    Hi, What’s more important on your SJAR? Ive been given my SJAR with a good recommend but not solid. “I would employ him as a supervisor at the earliest opportunity”. However I’ve graded an A- with 1up “High” next employment “Tp Sgt - High”. There are people I’ve seen with what I would...
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    Career fail ?

    Dose anyone know anything about what counts as career fail and how you go about making a claim ?
  4. A

    SJAR Reporting

    Hi so just a short question really, so I’ve reviewed my SJAR and are requesting it gets changed as the COC missed out a very viable a factual point which would change the overall status of the report, they have contacted me back and refused to do so. If this is a viable point to note in the...
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    Career failure?

    I feel I have been career failed. Since promoting to lance corporal I got myself course qualified straight away so I was eligible to promote again as soon as possible. Whilst injured I was moved into the post room where I was promised to be out within a year and ended up spending 2 and a half...
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    LCpl to CPL board

    Hello everybody. I am new here. I was just wondering if anybody could help me out. I haven't had an SJAR for this reporting year, i posted out of my last unit (Regulars) in august, to a reserve unit which i started in september, and so i am guessing the SJAR responsbility has been mixed up...
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    SJAR and Promotion query!

    Hi all. I am currently serving in the RAMC, and I was selected for promotion to LCpl in September 2015. As is not normally the case, I attended and completed a PNCO cadre in February - March 2015 (a case of right place right time) months before I was selected for promotion. After being selected...