1. M

    Transfer advice

    So I’m joining the royal signals and I do plan to do P Coy to join 16X however I was wondering if from this there was a way to transfer fully into the Para reg? Any help is appreciated :)
  2. B

    Blandford accommodation

    Hi, just passed out of basic training at pirbright and I am due to start phase 2 within the next couple of weeks. Just wondering if anybody knows what accommodation is like down at Blandford as we were unable to do our phase two visit due to covid.
  3. R

    Comms Engineer / Signals Phase 2 start dates

    Can anyone provide info on phase 2 training start dates? My application is in the works but i have yet to complete by assessments or begin phase 1 training which alone takes 15 weeks i believe. Assuming my 36 week comms engineer course starts in September like most academic courses, I am...
  4. S

    C3S... What do they do?

    Hi guys/gals, most of the way through my recruitment process, just need to finish 6 weeks of a fitness diary to cover an old injury then I’m being booked onto assessment. I’ve seen a job Engineer IT Systems Op in the RE, also known as a C3S from what I can gather, but I can’t seem to find what...
  5. C

    Injury during phase 2 of signals CSE

    What happens if you get like a shoulder injury or any injury that puts you out of physical exercises for a few months? Do you get sent back and heal and few months later start from selections again or just continue without PT and just the classroom studies bit of CSE phase 2?
  6. Couragethecowardlydog

    Soldier -> Officer OR straight to Officer training??

    Hi guys, been pondering on joining the army for a few months now and after some research, I've begun the joining process. I am still at University so my original plan was to join as a Reserve Officer. I'm interested in the Int Corps who the army careers lot have said is at 120% capacity so are...
  7. S

    Looking for advice, Potential Officer

    Morning all, I've been lurking around the forums for a while looking for info and the like and have just got a few questions Firstly a bit of background: I'm 20 and from a lovely steel making town in the north east of England, I haven't been to uni and so would be a non grad if/when I make it...
  8. I

    Question about Signals rank title

    Hi. Quick question, When did Royal Signals change the corps rank from Signalman/woman to Signaller? Irish army CIS corp here. We still use the man/woman rank description. Many thanks
  9. Rotten Chompers

    Police or Army Dilemma

    Hi everyone, I'm an 18yr old who has already applied to the police and have been given my selection date, however I have also applied to the Army (but haven't done the BARB test). Police work has always interested me and I thought that the Met was quite a lucrative job choice; with many...
  10. TeamBox

    Joining the Royal Signals

    Hi I am looking to join the Army in the Royal Signals I am looking at Signals Installation Technician or communication systems operator role I was just after a bit of advice, I was just wondering, is this a role where I would be in combat? or is it more of a role where I would be at base most...
  11. TeamBox

    Joining the Army

    Hi I am looking to join the Army, I am looking at Signals Installation Technician, communication systems operator or the Engineer IT systems Operator role I was just after a bit of advice, I see the Royal Signals do an insight course over 5 days? Is this good for getting a bit more knowledge on...
  12. F

    How frequent are CSE phase 2 courses?

    I'd like to know if phase two courses for communications systems engineers are run on a regular schedule, and if so what's the frequency i.e. typical amount of time between any 2 courses. If it's not on a regular schedule, some insight into how it's organised would be greatly appreciated...
  13. G

    What is it like in the signals?

    I'm potentially applying and I'm curious to know what the royal corps of signals is like, what are prospects like after army, can it become mundane after a while and what is life generally like in the siggies?
  14. M

    Royal signals ceremonial

    I was recently at the major general inspection and found that the signals had a slight ceremonial side to it, after further investigation, I found that the signals have appeared in the ceremonial side quite often. I'm wondering, is there a ceremonial regiment/sqdn or is it only there...
  15. pazzer

    Aviation IT Systems Operator

    Hello guys, I was just looking for a bit of information, I have recently completed selection with a B grade (my run wasn't the best but I made up for it in BARB/TST, Team Tasks, etc.), and I was wondering if anyone had information about the role in the Army Air Corp listed above, I was told by...
  16. Z

    Insight into officers in: RE, REME & Signals

    Hello! By June '17 I'll have graduated with an MEng in electronic engineering; I'd have just turned 24! (getting old). I've done a sandwich year in industry, but I still have this in the back my mind since I was about 10, so I'm going in! I shall be opening an application in the near future, to...
  17. A

    Assignment Order Problems

    Hi guys, I'm a reservist trying to transfer out of Signals into Medics. My new unit has an RCMO post that's gapped so I don't really have a POC this end, and Glasgow does nothing to help, I haven't even been able to get a clear response anyone who does assignments- they just ping to the...
  18. M

    R Signals Recruiting

    Recruiting for the Corps is truly on it's arrse, more so than for other capbadges. Does anyone have any suggestions to bring the best and the brightest back through our doors? The only idea I have is pay and lots of it, probably in the form of a bonus as NEM is unlikely to change.
  19. robbo2347

    Line Laying Exercise Idea

    I have to set up a line laying exercise, and i have no idea on the best way to make this work successfully. Can anyone who has ever been on one or has ever organised an exercise like this please share your ideas so it can help me design a good exercise. Thanks very much.
  20. A

    CSE - Comm Sys Eng - Communication Systems Engineer... how does it compare?

    Morning All, I've been searching through the forum for any posts with 'CSE', 'Comm Sys Eng' and 'Communication Systems Engineer' in them - some good info has been found, but a lot of it seems a bit outdated now. As it stands I am looking to re-enlist as a Communications System Engineer having...
  21. G

    Day in the life of signals officer

    What would be a typical day in the life of a signals officer in 16 air assault signals sdn. Just curious.