1. F

    Military / Police / Civilian shooting range at Eskdalemuir facing pressure to close / not function

    I did a search, but it seems this has not come up for discussion. I also looks for the rules, but couldn't find any? Especially on SPAM and links being used? Anyway the UK Eskdalemuir gun range, run by Gardner's guns, needs your help... No linkie I'm afraid, but a search on 'Show support for...
  2. TotalBanker

    Shooting glasses

    Hi, quick question on glasses for shooting a rifle with scope and bipod. I cant get myself down low enough to see through the scope clearly. When i can, I end up looking through the cross bar of my glasses. I vaguely recall in the 80's or 90's a snooker player who wore what i would call upside...
  3. DSJ

    Renewal of SGC/FAC - medical report fee

    To the experts out there: I am in the process of renewing my SGC & FAC (through Police Scotland). I was aware that the process had changed in England and Wales to include a fee for a medical report submitted by your GP. I now see that this has extended north of the border as well. Speaking to...
  4. 762baynet

    Mass shooting in Thailand

    A Thai squaddie seems to have gone on a rampage. Story goes that he shot his boss then went to a shopping mall and had a go at civvies, 12 reported dead at this time. Apparently he is holed up in the basement and the Army have sealed the place off... No doubt more to follow...
  5. itchy300

    Sporting rights wanted - Yorkshire/N.Lincs

    Afternoon Gents, (Sorry if this is the wrong place, it seemed the most appropriate) A small group of us are looking to put together a small walked up shoot and we're looking for somewhere preferably to lease. We've all been shooting a while and are members elsewhere and over the last couple...

    How many talented rappers, footballers, models or mentors will be stabbed in London in 2020?

    Please let this one last a year, think before you reply. @Tired_Tech you....... As per the original I will add a number, if you can justify it
  7. Charlie_Cong

    Deer stalking in Cumbria / Northumberland

    I've been deer stalking in the Highlands in the past while serving, and have a clutch of mates I would absolutely love to introduce to it. We're all now stinking civilians but still enjoy getting out into the hills and doing stuff which is tough but fun. My immediate thought is to put something...
  8. J

    What would happen if someone is shot in the head by a .50Cal Desert Eagle?

    Hello Guys best wishes for 2017 ! My name is justin I live in the Netherlands! I have seen the movie deadpool! And I play the game for Cal of duty! Well I i do a kind of fictional and curious research! Do you see this Picture from a. 50Action express Desert eagle? Look also this short video...
  9. Stan_Da_Bout

    Orion Range report, Aug 2016.

    Three of us decided to book a day at Orion Mid Wales for a day shooting. Orion Firearms Training, Rifle Training, Firearms Training, Maritime firearms training Communication was sufficient and clear including safety info, location, RV and local accommodation if required. RV was at 09:00 at a...
  10. guzzijon

    "Multiple Deaths" At Munich Shopping Centre

    News just coming in of 'multiple deaths' in a shooting incident at the Olympia Shopping Centre in NW Munich. Munich shooting: 'Spree' reported at shopping mall - Getting a bit tedious isn't it.
  11. LCpl-Palm

    AROSC AR50 Badge

    I have recently been awarded the AR50 badge while competing in the AROSC this year. Anyone know where I can get hold of a few more badges outside of the QM as apparently they can only get hold of one badge! I've had a quick google and apart from getting some made up no where seems to sell them.